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Get fit with Liz and reach fitness levels you never thought possible. Whether you need an intense fat-burning metabolic circuit training session or a core strengthening Pilates session, Liz will have your training regimen covered. Liz will leave you feeling leaner, longer, stronger and also with a greater understanding of your body…you will have fun too! With a balanced approach to exercise and nutrition, using a wide range of the latest equipment and targeted exercises, you will be guided in a way that will produce long-lasting results. Sessions are convenient for you as they can be taught at your home, in a park or in a private studio.

Nothing in the world is more impo
rtant than good health. Start your journey to better health today in an efficient safe manner with Liz. Whether you have a physical challenge that hinders your workout ability or you are a top tear athlete, workouts can be adjusted to accommodate all fitness levels.

Call Liz today at 619-573-7175 to see how she can transform your life and turn your fitness goals into reality!

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I have lost 42 POUNDS"

"It has been 8 months since I started Liz’s metabolic workouts. I have lost 42 POUNDS. I went from a size 17 to now a size 9. Since August 2013, I’ve lost 3” off my hips, 2” off my waist, 4” off my chest, 5” off my legs, and 3” off my arms. Working out and eating healthy has become part of my lifestyle. Liz has provided me some home workouts (i.e., cardio and metabolic exercises) that I can do on the weekends. I love to workout! I definitely love how I feel now, happier, healthier, and more energized and I owe a lot to Liz. She has been a wonderful supporter. She offers different exercises, creating challenges that will help me workout harder and sweat more. Importantly, she makes the workouts fun and something to look forward to during the week. This has been a great weight loss journey and I plan to continue to work on losing more weight to feel even more great!"
  - Michelle 

"I feel like a new person and can do all the things I love..."
"Elizabeth has been my Pilates class instructor for about six months for the Scripps Wellness Program. When I started, I was terribly out of shape and ashamed about my condition compared to everyone else in class. But Elizabeth was so compassionate, she showed me how to modify what everyone else was doing so that I could start out slowly; she instinctively knew how much I could do and never tried to push me beyond what was safe. On my way home from that first class I felt like throwing up and cried the whole way, but I kept coming back because Elizabeth is a fantastic teacher and she has helped me gain strength and flexibility. I feel like a new person and can do all the things I love, like gardening, for longer periods without injury. So far I have lost 12 pounds; Elizabeth has truly inspired me to change my life."  - Karla K.
" the best shape
of my life."
"I have been doing cycle class now for about a year. I was not in great shape before I started, but I now I can say, at age 51 with some physical limitations, I am possibly in the best shape of my life. I believe I can thank Elizabeth for this. She is a force to be reckoned with. She motivates me and keeps me focused. She knows how to engage with her class. Her music is the best and I cannot give her enough credit. I now only participate in her classes; to me, no other instructor compares."  - Patty R.
"I have lost 27 POUNDS in 5 MONTHS!"
"What I am most proud about is that I have lost 27 POUNDS in 5 months! I can fit into my clothes that I haven't worn in over two years. I love Liz's metabolic classes and I look forward to them. She provides us with a variety of workouts that target all areas of our body. More importantly, she encourages us and ensures that we are doing the exercise correctly to avoid injury and to get the maximum results possible. I haven't felt this health and confident in a long time! I love and enjoying working out again!"  - Michelle N.

“No workout is ever the same”
“No workout is ever the same and my body loves it!” - Dana A.